Saturday, January 14, 2012

Half Marathon time!

For a month or so I have been toying with the idea of signing up for a local half marathon.  I loved the idea of doing it, but was really worried that it would be too hard for me.  I've never run that far and haven't been running for all that long.  There was fear that I would embarrass myself or maybe not even be able to finish it.  Yesterday I did my long run and went 9 miles for the second time.  The first time was last month right before Christmas.  I didn't worry about speed just distance and running the whole time.  I took it slow but steady.  My training plan said this week's long run was supposed to be 8 miles at a slightly slower pace than what I did.  I don't know how important it is to follow a training plan to the letter, I've never really tried before, but I wanted to go for nine so I did.  I even thought about trying to go one further as I've never done ten, but I didn't.  last month the nine mile day left me really tired, this time I'm fine.  My knees were a little tired or sore, but otherwise everything was fine.  That run made my decision and I registered for the race last night.  If I have to walk for part of it, then I walk for part of it, but I feel like I can do it and will be very glad about my decision when it is all done.  It is still more than three months off and I am sure I will have some second thoughts along the way, but I am ready to push myself to meet this goal!

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