Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 1 (again!)

So at the end of April i decided that I was going to start running.  In 11 days I went from running 4 minutes of my at least 30 minutes on the treadmill to going for 27 or 28 minutes.  That 11th day I ran for 2.25 or more miles and felt really good about it, then I took a break for a day, then it was Mother's Day and I didn't want to do it, then it was a few weeks since I had run last and i realized that I dropped the ball again.  For me, with exercise, I cannot take a break.  Everything I've read suggests days of rest and giving yourself time, but when I give myself time I end up making that time longer and longer until I have to start over, again.

Last week, I ran twice, which was a start.  Tonight I ran again.  This time of my 30 minutes I ran for 12 and went one mile.  I looked up a local 5K for August.  I've never run that far before so I am starting, again, to work up to the point that I can do it.  I guess every race is a new beginning so each day can be a new beginning.  Today was my new beginning!

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